A Tutoring Session

At the beginning of the tutoring relationship I will discuss with you what we both want to achieve for your learner - an improvement from grade D to B in an English GCSE for example, or a Level 4 in writing for a child who attained a Level 3 in Year 6, and is vulnerable going in to secondary school.


I will then give you a program of learning for your child, detailing timescale and what we hope to cover in each session., and update you each week on where we have reached.


Each session will recap previous learning and deal with any misconceptions evidenced in the homework, introduce new learning, and practise skills, and discuss application of the skills in school. Longer term pieces of work can also be chcked on each week.


At the end of the session your learner will be asked to rate the session for effectiveness, identify what they have learned, and discuss future learning points. I may expect my tutee to do some work at home, but this will be kept to a minimum, as most young learners are already overburdened with homework.


I will then give you a brief update on where we are, and suggest next steps.