Most learners are overburdened with homework at school, and I prefer not to increase that burden.


However on occasion it's essential that students do reinforce learning at home, and sometimes drill learning (tables, spellings of essential words, arithmetical processes, will be given. On other occasions it may be necessary for a student to plan or draft a piece of writing and email it to me for marking, or prepare for a lesson by reading and annotating a text, or doing a reading conprehension.


As the context of the next lesson is usually predicated on this piece of work, if it is not done, then the student is unlikely to gain all they could from the tutoring session, and their learning will be unavoidably put back. If it is not, therefore, possible for your learner to achieve what I have set them as homework, please let me know well in advance (typically by a Monday if tutoring sessions are on a Thursday)  and I shall try to adapt the learning accordingly.


(This also means that you don't waste money!)