What is tutoring?

Tutoring as I see it, is a mix of teaching and coaching.


A tutoring session will include content learning - either new or revised; skills practice as appropriate; development of understanding; and advice and guidance on developing transferable study skills.  Tutoring truly is personalised learning, and as such offers your learner a tailored experience that they are unlikely to receive in larger group teaching.


Because of its specific and individual approach, a tutoring relationship requires committment and, to a certain extent, a personality match on the part of tutor and tutee. For this reason I offer a free first consultation, which will may last up to an hour and a half, where all parties in the tutoring contract can discuss what they want and what they expect. If it's clear that there is a substantial mismatch in terms of my skills and your needs, then I will not proceed to a tutoring contract, as I want you to receive value for money. Equally, if your student feels unable to accept tuition, the contract will not proceed, however I will produce a brief report for you on your learner's perceived skills and needs.


There is always a right tutor for a young learner - I hope it will be me!