Secondary Courses Easter 2012

Revise GCSE English

'Improve your English'

A GCSE revision course.


Fed up with essay writing?

Certain you won't be able to write to time in the exam?

Need to understand how to embed quotes?

Unsure about adding the essential social and cultural references?

Can't compare and contrast poetry - and don't see why you should anyway?


This course will show you how to impress the examiner with your understanding, learning and analytical skills, and to synthesise all these qualities into the perfect essay. it will also deal with the spellings you must get right, the grammatical mistakes you must not make, and the words you should include to win points.


Work with a group of peers to improve your chances at that essential English GCSE. (Minimum 2 people, maximum 5)


Four session course at 3 hours a session, with a break in the middle. For prices see terms and conditions.

Dates: Monday 2nd April to Thursday 5th April


Course 1 - 9.00 am until 12.30. Please arrive at 8.50 so that the course can begin on time.

Course 2 - 2.00pm until 5.30. Please arrive at 1.50 so that the course can begin on time


All resources and course materials will be provided. Exact subject matter of the course will be a matter for discussion as groups are formed. When emailing to enquire about availability, please state preferred time of day, give details of the texts you will be examined on, with as much information as possible about your specific issues, and details of your mock result and  predicted grade.